Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Updates on Everyone

Well, we made it to CA. The trip was exhausting, even thought it wasn't particularly eventful, but we are starting to recover and settle in. I still have some unpacking to do, but I feel like we are making good progress. The boys are a little out of sorts from all the travel, so please pray that they settle down and get into a manageable sleep routine soon (especially Nic). He has been up the last few nights at odd times, and I need more sleep. I'm actually feeling fine except for the exhaustion and occasional aches and pains, but it sure would be nice to sleep through the night.

We are still waiting for the official results from Mom's biopsy on Monday, but, we know that they got a good sample this time. The oncologist has the preliminary results and they were exactly what he expected. We met with him today and got a number of our questions answered (which was great) and mom should be accepted into the UCLA clinical trial that she was hoping to get into AND hopefully will be starting her first round of chemotherapy sometime next week. We don't have the official appointment yet. We are so thankful that she will be starting treatment soon, because we were all starting to get a little antsy.

We also had a wonderful meeting with a pain management team, and we feel confident that Mom will be having an easier time of it once she starts to consistently have less pain. For the last two days she has found a good balance with her medications and has been feeling much more herself. She has been more active (is there a choice with two rambunctious boys running around?), has been eating more, and has been able to get out of the house a bit.

Please pray for:

Official acceptance into the clinical trial

An appointment to begin chemotherapy next week

Continued ability to eat regular foods (and gain weight), and that food would start tasting better to her.

Manageable pain and discomfort (or none at all would be even better)
Strength and rest in preparation for the chemotherapy

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers! Mom and Dad want to reiterate that they are so appreciative of your cards, messages, emails, and all of the love you have been showing them.

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Joline said...

Hey friend, put a package in the mail yesterday for your mom. Please let me know when you receive!