Saturday, 5 March 2011


Talk about a whirlwind. On Friday we decided to go for it and coordinate a flight itinerary with the other mom I hope to travel with. We set it up for booking on Monday (the organization helping with adoption uses a specific travel agent, so I couldn't just hop online and book), and kept waiting. We heard a rumor that some families would be getting copies of their birth certificates on Friday evening, so I may or may not have checked my email many times last night before finally giving up and going to bed at 11.

This morning I woke up to not only Mtoto's birth certificate, but also two of the other documents we need for our appointment. We only need one more piece of paper and our file will be complete. ONE.

Needless to say, we are praying for that one and I am packing my bags. I (hopefully) leave in two weeks.

I should be gone 4 to 5 weeks, if everything goes "average." As you know, I am praying for better than average - to be home in time for Tommy's birthday in mid-April.

Obviously, it will be far from the end of the world if we miss Tommy's birthday. Adoption requires sacrifice(s), and being with my oldest boy on his special day may be one of the things I give up in order to bring Mtoto home. I fully accept that. God may have an even better plan for me than the one I long for. However, I see no reason not to pray for the best thing I can think of - having our whole family together to sing happy birthday to Tommy!

And now, back to packing...

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ktruelove said...

We're praying for you guys! So excited for you!