Saturday, 1 November 2008

Adoption Update

Last week Jeff and I found out that we have been officially accepted to our international adoption program.

We have been working on our home-study with a local agency since the end of September, and it seems to be going really well. We have filled out a great deal of paperwork, begun our education, and done about half of our interviews. The big hurdles left to clear are our final couples interview, our home inspection, a day-long adoption education seminar, and getting our clearance from the FBI. We anticipate finishing all of the things we are responsible for by the end of November, but we may not be able to finish our home-study until December simply because the background checks take so long.

When we finish most of our home-study we will begin working on our dossier, which is all of the paperwork required by Uganda. We will also be applying to immigration for pre-approval for an orphan's visa. The visa is another thing that will take quite some time, and we will have no control over how long it takes. Once our dossier is complete it will be certified and sent to Uganda and we will wait for a referral.

We are requesting a healthy baby younger than 12 months. Since we are not requesting a boy or a girl we will probably get a boy, because apparently most people ask for girls.

This is going to be a long process. It might not take as long as many countries, and there is a chance we could be traveling by next summer, but with international adoptions things often take much longer than expected. We need prayers for patience, and the ability to trust that God's timing will be perfect. It is much easier to say it then to live it.


mary said...

It sure is harder to live it than say it. It is wonderful when we can live it but I appreciate God's increble grace when I don't.
You are in our prayers daily and the prayers of many of our friends.

Amy Jo said...

Congratulations! Wonderful news. We will keep you and your soon to be child in our prayers. You will be traveling to pick him/her up before you know it!

Jenna Marie Howard said...

Congratulation of Your Approval!I just wanted to stop by and tell you I enjoy reading your blog. I am adopted and have three other adopted siblings and find such encouragement knowing you are a adoptive parent who obviously loves your child.I just returned from Africa and when i read your blog i was so happy that i had actually been to the country you are adopting from. Bless you for your hard work and perseverance through this process. I will continue to pray for a speedy process so that you will soon be able to hold your little boy -or girl- in you arms. I am the Director of Public Relations for a non-profit organization called World Orphans.We build family style church based orphan homes all over the world and our mission is simple E3 to reach each church…each child…each community. I would love for you to take a look at our website and let me know if you have any questions. ( I hope you will have a glorious blessed day!

Jenna M. Howard
-Director of Public Relations

Melissa said...

I just wanted to say Hi and let you know our family is praying for your adoption. We have two wonderful blessings from we know full well the feelings, fear, and expectations you are having. Blessings to you.

Chelsea Lee said...

well this is very exciting! i am praying for both of you and the soon-to-be klug kiddo. also keep your eye out for a surprise from a california (wink). i have a feeling you'll be getting a fun package soon.