Thursday, 3 February 2011

False Alarm

Q: When adoption updates come via email, how many times a day does an adopting mom check her email?

A: Way more than is normal or necessary. This is particularly amplified when you know that news should be coming.

This week was the week that we (and a few other families in our program) were told that our adoption documents should be complete. Now, we all know about Africa time and how unlikely that was to actually be true, but that doesn't stop one from hoping. The other two moms that we are "on track" with and I have been commiserating via email about how crazy we are getting (over checking email, feeling jumpy for news, nesting - or in my case NOT nesting as much as possible, and so on). The subject line of these emails since Monday has been: "Let's hope this is our week!"

So, imagine how excited I was to open up my email yesterday morning and see an email from the head of the organization facilitating our adoption with the subject line "Jeffrey Klug - adoption documents" and little paper clip attachment sign next to it. I hurriedly downloaded the documents included and scanned through each one - they were clearly court documents, but none of them appeared to be what I was looking for - a final ruling.

Yes, as the title of this post implies, it was a false alarm. The court process in Mtoto's country has more than one step, and what we received was a very important ruling, but not the ruling. I am told that what we received is the harder part of the process, and it was issued in December so we could be receiving the rest of the documents very very soon...or not. It's Africa, after all. So, the good news is that we have some of the documents we need to file for our visa, and, we found out the birthdate officially assigned to Mtoto and the name assigned him for court (which is his name given by the orphanage plus an African name plus our last name). That is nice information to have. However, as you can imagine, I really just want that ruling and (other difficult thing to get) his birth certificate. So, the waiting continues.

Because of the blizzard this week no one in our primary care doctor's office was working Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday so our referrals weren't processed on time, thus I had to cancel our appointment for shots tomorrow. I'm actually glad, because I was reminded about the ill effects of the typhoid shot (which I experienced last time I got the shot but had forgotten) and I have something fun going on Saturday, which I would hate to have to miss. Unfortunately there really aren't many days that I have time to feel lousy, but if I have to feel bad I would rather it be on a weekday than on a weekend.


mary said...

Yeah, one step closer!!

Jess said...

I agree with Mary- keep repeating "One Step Closer" until you are out of breath if you have to! Praying much!