Tuesday, 22 February 2011

My Precious Watermelon

I was trying to get ready one morning when I noticed Tommy climbing on the desk chair and reaching onto the desk. I turned and said, "Tommy, what are you doing?" He gave me a wide-eyed innocent look and said, "Mom, I'm just chillin'."

The next day I was making dinner, and he walked into the kitchen, looked around, and said "Hey mom, what's happening in here?" with an emphasis on the "what's happening."

Tommy's latest dinner prayer; "Dear Jesus, thank you for this food, and Mtoto, and hotdogs, and beautiful rainbows, and the sky. Amen."

Tommy examined a picture he was working on (with assistance drawing the stick figures) of him and his Jjaja riding in a car. He decided it wasn't quite finished, and that he had a little something to add to the stick-figure of himself and Jjaja: "Mommy, I want to make eyes and nose and shoes and a wiener."

We were cuddling at bedtime and I said, "Tommy, are you my cozy cupcake? My darling donut?" and he laughed and said, "No, I'm your precious watermelon."


ktruelove said...

What a guy:):):)

Bird said...
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