Saturday, 19 February 2011

36oz of "Gold" For Only 18.33!

Gold may be at an all-time high, but "liquid gold" is quite affordable these days. Yes, in many countries infant formula goes by the nickname "liquid gold" because it is so valuable.

The formula sold in Mtoto's country is unsafe for children to drink, thus babies in many orphanages rely on imported formula to stay healthy (or they drink the sketchy stuff and run the risk of becoming seriously ill). This is not just a matter of the formula sold in-country being expensive (although it is expensive) or "not as good" as American formula (although this is also true), it is truly risky for babies to drink the formula available for sale there. Thus, Jeff and I will each be devoting one of our checked bags to carrying formula. This formula will be passed out to various orphanages and foster homes to provide safe nutrition for children too young to consume solid food.

If you would like to send a can of liquid gold to an infant in need of some safe nutrition, please call/email/facebook me! We *hope* to travel in 6 to 8 weeks and would like to raise 90 pounds of formula by then. Why 90? We just got 10 pounds in the mail from an over-achiever who guessed that we might want to take some formula based on our last post on the subject!

Any formula that you feel inclined to donate (sample cans, an unopened unexpired can that you haven't used, formula you got an excellent deal on, etc) is fine. If you want to purchase some formula, the organization we are working with prefers Kirkland brand formula (Costco) with iron - it is good quality and good value. They ship from Costco's website or from Amazon (I think it is more $$ from Amazon).

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B. Wilson said...

Hi Amy,

I have about two 12 oz. cans of Similac that I can give you along with a few infant samples. In my fit of sadness, frustration, and anger after our son Andrew was born/died, I threw away the others (selfishly) to make myself feel better. But, I still have these two cans.

I live in Lisle... not sure where you live in the 'burbs, but I'd be happy to drop them by your house if you're within driving distance.