Thursday, 18 June 2009

Turn the Page, or Visa Update

This morning my buzzer rang unexpectedly. I used the intercom to ask who it was, and I hear "post office with a package from the Embassy of Uganda." Our visas!

I ran downstairs, signed, ran back up, ripped open the package, grabbed a visa, flipped it open, saw the visa sticker, and read "canceled without prejudice."
My heart stopped.

That couldn't be good. So I googled the term, and read, to my dismay, that such a stamp signals an error in the application. I was scared. If they canceled our visas without calling, it must have been a big mistake.

I called the embassy. I began some incoherent statement about sending in my applications and getting them back canceled and wondering what that meant. The woman who works there said, "Have you turned the page"

Well, no. So I did.

"We accidentally used the wrong sticker," she explained, "so we put your visa on a different page."

There it was, my visa for entry. Signed, stamped, and ready to go. I stopped shaking. I felt much better. I thanked her profusely and hung up.

We still don't know if we will be traveling or not. We will hear in the next few days if our lawyer was able to get us an early enough court date. We continue to pray that God's will would be done (and that it would be to GO) and that he will guide our decisions, and comfort us if we don't get the answer we want to hear.

He has also been at work to provide for us.

We will keep you all posted.


Amy Jo said...

My heart sank while reading this! I'm so glad you "turned the page". Praying you'll hear something soon about your court date.

susie lavender said...

Maybe that was God's way of signaling a "new beginning".. Best of luck and many blessings.