Friday, 26 June 2009

Feeling the Love

This is going to be a long story. A while back a friend of mine emailed me a link of the blog of a woman who was selling crafts to raise money for her adoption. She suggested that I do something similar with little quilts. I thought it was a great idea, but at the time I did not have the energy to do that much quilting, and, truthfully, it is a great deal of work/expense, so I didn't think it would be cost effective. Then I had a great idea- I could make a few quilts and do a raffle. Fortunately, I remembered that there are gambling laws before I went ahead with this genius idea. Private citizens can't hold giveaways that coincide with a purchase or donation. But, non-profits can. So I approached my church in California to ask if they would consider using the quilts I made for a raffle that would support our adoption, and potentially create an adoption account at the church that could inspire and benefit other families as well.

I wrote up a proposal and sent it in for consideration at the meeting, and then explained my idea and the legalities behind it to a very astute businessman (whose "good looks" I happen to share, as he would say) who is on the elder board. He agreed to clarify any questions the elders might have, but warned me that churches don't like to have lots of extra accounts, so the idea might not be that appealing.

We prayed and waited, and heard back that the elders loved the idea not only of supporting our adoption, but also of having a continuing adoption fund to help other families in the church adopt. Praise God!

We feel so thankful for our St. Andrew's Family. We have been blessed by them so many times throughout our lives, from the teaching we received in Sunday School, their willingness to put up with us in Jr. High and High School (any camp counselor of mine deserves a gold medal), to their acceptance of the craziness Jeff teaches their kids (does God really have a Scottish accent?)- this community has walked besides us, molded us, and cared for us. We love them so much.

Here is the official announcement that appears in the church bulletin:

St. Andrew's is excited to announce the creation of an "Adoption Fund." The funds donated to the Adoption Fund will be used to help couples as they pursue their adoption of a child. Initially, these funds will be used to support Amy & Jeff Klug. Please join us in praying and supporting their efforts to adopt a child from Uganda .

Tax deductable donations can be made out to "St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church;" please write on the check "Adoption Fund." Checks can be dropped in the Sunday offering plate or sent to St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 301 Avenue D, Redondo Beach, CA. 90277. Thank you for your donation.

Quilt #1: 27.5 in. by 34 in.

Quilt #2: 27.5 in. by 34 in.

Quilt #3: 30 in. by 30 in.

As for the quilts...they are being donated to the church, and anyone who makes a donation to the fund will be entered to win one of them. These donations are tax-deductible.


Amy Jo said...

This news is so awesome! I will be sending in a check!

susie lavender said...

Congratulations--a new child and the beginnings of the fund which will help others. I attend St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Raleigh, NC and have found our church to be very receptive to these causes. Best of luck.

Jim said...

Out of tragedy, comes great blessings! This is a great idea, one that has God's hands all over it!

Leah's little life is not in vain, through her short visit with us, many will be blessed by it.

Karen said...

Amy and Jeff: I found your blog several months ago (I think as a link from some other St Andy's person), and have been reading it and praying for you regularly since then. I tend to be a lurker on blogs, not a commenter, but I wanted to "come out of hiding" and let you know that I'm praying for you and will be sending a check to the Adoption Fund. And I second the sentiment about being "thankful for the St Andrew's Family"!

Karen (Nenno) Klintworth