Sunday, 27 February 2011

Cautiously Optimistic

We just found out that our embassy drop-off appointment will be requested this week. I have been asked not to share the details of the process, but suffice to say we have a long wait before we will get the appointment and be able to travel home. Thus we are cautiously excited. We are thrilled that some progress is being made, of course, but trying to juggle that with the reality that we still have a long road to travel. Our prayer this week is that we will be given an appointment that defies the timeline so that we can all be home for Tommy's birthday in mid-April. This is extremely unlikely, actually it would probably be better described as impossible, but why pray for something likely when you can pray for what you desire? God has certainly done bigger things than this before.

I long to hold our boy. He has grown so much since our referral. While that is positive (I would hate for him to not grow in the last 4 1/2 months as that would be very unhealthy), it hurts my heart a little each time I see the proof that he is growing up without us. He has developed a wild and crazy baby afro, and I am so hoping they won't decide to buzz it off before we come. I know that is a weird thing to feel attached to, and to even think about, but hey, that's where I'm at. Also, let me say that Mtoto is receiving fantastic care by orphanage standards, which really helps me rest easy at night, but in every single picture we have of him from the last two visits (December, February) he is covered in baby powder. I think it is to keep him dry where he sweats, but I'm not entirely positive. Anyhow, baby powder is very unhealthy for kids to aspirate and so I am growing increasingly (and I'm sure unreasonably) concerned about his lungs. Please pray with us that we will be assigned an embassy appointment very very soon, so that I can run my fingers through that hair and make sure he never aspirates another speck of talcum.