Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Beware the Bad Influence?

I don't regularly vet Tommy's friends. He's two, so that would be crazy. I've never heard of a two year old pulling out a pack of cigarettes at a play date, or bringing a sippy of gin instead of juice. However, a recent experience has led me to question my lack of caution.

Tommy had a friend come over to play this week. This friend, C, comes from a good Christian family, solid stock, leaders in the church - you know the type. His mom has half the bible memorized, his dad is a Deacon, and C is always so polite and sweet.

After about an hour of playing, it was clear that the kids needed a little rest. Or rather, it was clear to me that I simply could not stand to load the Elefun yet again, so I offered to read them some books. I asked them to each pick something out. Tommy chose The Berenstain Bears Show God's Love. C? Well, see for yourself:

Look closer at this sweet scene.

What is that book that C is so intent on reading to my son?

Yes, C chose to read The Communist Manifesto. Looks like we'll have to crack open Hayek with Tommy sooner than we thought. My poor free-market boy will never be the same.

Look how he is embracing it. It is clear he really loves Karl Marx.

I know you are wondering, did he actually bring a copy of The Communist Manifesto to your house? Did he pull it out of his diaper bag? No...Jeff refuses to get rid of any of his college textbooks. I admit, C did pull the book off my shelf. But, he certainly hugged it for a suspiciously long time. Good thing he didn't find any of our Woody Guthrie albums...


Shawny said...

Awesome! LOL

Cuppa Jo said...

At least it wasn't a copy of Flowers in the Attic.

Sweet Apron said...

That kid is nuts. This made me laugh out loud. As long as it's not Twilight, mom is happy. Thank you again for watching him. Those two are best buddies. Now I need to return the favor or you two can visit us:) Looking forward to Friday.