Sunday, 13 February 2011


Don't worry, not that kind of breakdown. Although that may happen this week, as we are getting somewhat desperate for good news around here. I am so so ready to hop on a plane!

"Breakdown" is the title of this post because I gave in and we started the process of getting our apartment ready for Mtoto's arrival, although for the record I am not nesting.

When we started talking about the changes we would be making to the organization of our living space we decided to switch our slightly larger room for Tommy's room (which will soon be Tommy and Mtoto's room). As soon as I began thinking about doing that, I realized how advantageous it would be, as Tommy's naps have recently been cut short due to some factors beyond our control (outside noise) that would be lessened once we changed rooms. All week long as I had to repeatedly put Tommy back to sleep in the afternoon, I thought about how glorious it would be to have him in a quieter spot. Then, Jeff came home from work on Friday and spoke those much dreaded words "beamtime next weekend" (this is a particularly time consuming experiment), and we realized that we would be rather busy for the foreseeable future. Thus, it was now or never.

On Saturday we made the big switch. Everything is now in it's proper room, except for the things that are hanging on the walls. Currently Jeff and I have an adorable safari animal mobile above our bed and ABC's on our walls, while Tommy's room is a bit bare. We will be switching things around later this week. We still aren't totally done, as we need to get some type of dresser or shelves with baskets for Tommy's clothes- which are currently overflowing from tiny baskets in the changing table. Mtoto's small clothes will be a much better fit. I also need to get some type of pegs to hang Tommy's "play pretend" (a certain someone objects to the term "dress-up") hats and outfits, as they were displaced from his toy chest by the mother-lode of Duplos. Also, true to my original commitment, we have not set up the crib - which means that there is a huge, ugly pile of crib parts and baby items stacked in Tommy's room right now, half covered with baby blankets. Hey - it beats having to stare at an empty, waiting crib.

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