Monday, 7 March 2011


My plane ticket is booked, my visa request is filled out, my anti-malaria prescription is filled, and my suitcases are half-packed. I am still waiting on that one document for my binder - but should have it very very soon. Hopefully, I leave in less than two weeks.

I'm feeling a little crazed at this point. We have a great deal of paperwork to print out, compile, and send in the next few days. Our coordinator is amazingly organized - our embassy binder is a piece of art, very very organized art. Organization is not my strong-point, so it has been a challenge to pull everything together...and subsequently a number of things have fallen by the wayside. Binder? Check. Stack of dishes in the sink? Check. Folded but not put away laundry? Check. Trains and Hotwheels underfoot? Check. Oh well, they will keep for another day. This tired mama needs to sleep, because I have yet another errand-filled day tomorrow.


Nicole said...

Awesome, Awesome news :) I've been reading this and hoping that things would get rolling soon!! I know it's completely different, but I can identify with some of it with the 4 month NICU stay that Maddy had. I can't wait to see pictures and hear the whole story! Here's hoping and praying that everything continues to go miraculously fast from here on!! xox

Heather said...

I'm so excited! And don't worry at all about the house, it sounds just like mine and everyone else's.

molly said...

Amy is tommy going with you? Is Mary staying with him?
We will and have been praying for you and Mototo.