Friday, 11 March 2011

My Bum Fell Off and Other Vignettes

Lest we leave our entire front page without any pictures or stories about Tommy, here are a few recent snapshots:

Playing drums along with current favorite song: Guy sweaty and the lady dancing (Arcade Fire - No Cars Go)

I buckled Tommy into his carseat, and he immediately started crying. I asked what was wrong and he sobbed, "My bum fell off." His pants had come down in the back a bit, exposing his bare rear to the cold seat...

My current MOPS magazine has a bunch of stick figures holding hands on it. Tommy found one he liked and proclaimed, "This is Tommy." The one next to Tommy? "That is mum." The one next to that? "That is Daddy." He pointed to a fourth stick figure (it was a girl) and I asked, "Is this Jjaja?" "No." "Is this Grandma Janie?" I could tell he was getting a little frustrated, and then he blurted out, "No, Mum, this is sister Leah." Heart melt. (FYI Mtoto was on the other side of the circle. I'm hoping that was a reference to his current proximity).

Jeff and I have to spell out certain words. This morning Jeff was letting me know that Tommy had eaten his morning B-A-N-A-N-A (the mere mention of which reminds Tommy that they are his favorite thing to eat), then Tommy turned to me and said, "I'm hungry for breakfast. I want a B-S-O-R-A"

As we lay in bed snuggling, Tommy proclaimed: "Papa is lazy! At Jjaja and Papa's and Aunt Emily's house he is lazy." (I think this is a reference to my dad sleeping in in the morning while my mom takes care of Tommy). Continuing on: "Jjaja and Papa's house is too far."

Me: "Tell that to your Daddy."
T: "Daddy, I want to go to Jjaja and Papa's house and be lazy."


Tom said...

Wait a minute!! I am the one who gets Tommy's breakfast because Jaja is on a walk. Tommy and I need to have a talk.

Gretchen said...

LOVE IT! =0)

mary said...

He is one smart kiddo and he is correct when he says our house is too far. thanks for sharing and see you soon.

Somewhere Behind the Morning said...

This is so cute! I laughed out loud when he said his bum fell off!!! :)

I would love to know about which orphanage you are adopting through and what lawyer you are using. (If you are willing to share) I think I originally found you on the Yahoo forum. I check in from time to time! :)

If you ever want to share, my e-mail is ktrudeau0322(at)yahoo(dot)com. We are considering Uganda still for our next adoption.

Thank you!! Safe travels!! :)