Saturday, 15 January 2011

Resisting the urge to nest

Ever since our last round of adoption news I have been itching to set up Mtoto's crib. Thankfully, until yesterday I was in California so doing it was impossible. Now I am fighting off the desire to set it up, even though I have a pile of little clothes for him that I have no room to put away (the crib currently takes up 60% of the space in Tommy's closet, and Tommy's hand-me-down clothes and toys which fit in bins that go under the crib take up the rest). However, I just know that as soon as I get it finished I am going to get very antsy about going to pick him up, and we are quite a ways away from being able to do that. I don't need a constant reminder, in the form of an empty crib, that our family is separated.

We haven't decided when we will get ready for Mtoto, but I think we will wait until we have a visa appointment/travel date (which we should have in advance) to actually move things around, although I may break down and do it once we have our written ruling. With Tommy we didn't set anything up until after Jeff came home from Uganda, but this time I need to be more prepared. We are considering switching rooms because that will give the boys more space to play, and it will give us the room with the bigger closet. I would like a bigger closet.

In the meantime, I am working on scheduling all of our travel shots. We have an awesome travel doctor from the last trip, but we are trying to get our insurance to cover a few of the shots, so we can't go and see him until we can connect with our family doctor...which has been harder to do than one might think. Making phone calls to one's HMO and PCP is decidedly less fun than rearranging a room, but it will have to do for now.

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