Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Time Will Tell

It's hard to say how today's appointment went. The tone of the interview was much more aggressive than Tommy's and the outcome was far more noncommittal (this is standard), so I didn't exactly leave in a good mood. We have no timeline. Seriously, none. This is hard. Even though I know that timelines were made to be broken (and frequently are here), it is difficult to have absolutely no idea when they might be calling. Please pray that they would be able to finish their investigations quickly and that they would grant us our visa very soon! Tommy and Jeff and I want my whole family on one continent.

With the exception of getting my tail KICKED by jet-lag, I am doing very well. I feel safe and at peace. I have been able to go to bed easily, but keep waking up in the middle of the night and have been completely unable to fall back asleep. I am an eight hour girl, so I am exhausted.

Thankfully, Mtoto is a dream. I had been told that he had a very easy-going personality, and this was an accurate description. He gets fussy when he wants to eat or desires a bit more attention, but he has not been a screaming or yelling much at all. He likes to be held and cuddled, enjoys tickles and songs, and has amazingly cute dimples when he smiles. I am head over heels.

He is scarfing down food- his introduction to fruit was a delight to behold. He gobbled down the entire packet of baby food, then tried to put his head in the bowl to lick up the leftovers (he failed miserably at this). He is bigger than I thought he would be, but also younger than I expected. I know that probably doesn't make a lot of sense, but it is what it is. I was certain his birthday was off...but now I am thinking it might be close to accurate.

He does not appear to have parasites (you have no idea how amazing this is or how much easier it is making my trip). He does have a nasty, terrible diaper rash, that I suspect is (and am treating like) a yeast infection. He was not in real diapers, he was wrapped in a rag with the absorbency of cheese cloth and that was wrapped in a section of plastic. It is clear that he has suffered from an awful rash for a very long time. His skin looks like he has been burned. Please pray for his healing. He is so sweet about letting me tend to it, but I can see in his facial expressions and grunts that he is very uncomfortable.

Now that all of my appointments and such are over for the moment, we are in a holding pattern. Timelines for others have been very long of late. Although we are praying for a quick result (and that I would be home by Tommy's birthday with Mtoto) we are also throwing around other options. Please pray for wisdom as we discuss our alternate plans. Also, please continue to pray for me as I sit out the wait. God has granted me peace and patience thus far, but there is a very long road ahead. The group of families that I am with are planning a number of service projects, which should help our time be more meaningful. We intend to visit one of the more difficult orphanages tomorrow. Please pray for a fruitful visit with these kids- that they would be nourished by both the food we bring and the love we show them.

Thank you for all your comments, emails, messages, etc. I appreciate the support so much. Please continue to pray for a positive and speedy response for our visa, for our health, for bonding, and for opportunities to serve.


Chasity said...

Glad your little guy is easy-going. Praying you sleep your 8 hours well. I'm an 8 hour girl too, so I feel your pain!

Jeanine said...

Constantly praying for you Amy and I will continue! May God continue to give you the peace that passes all understanding.

Sweet Apron said...

I think I have checked your blog 1,000 times to day! Continuing to pray for you, Amy. I will be praying specifically that you have a long restful sleep and wake up refreshed.
Hugs from Chicago!

Ribbens Family said...

oh how i get everything you said...praying for you friend..for patience and me when i say...i know exactly how you feel..may God grant you the kind of peace that only He can! your sweet mtoto sounds precious..can't wait for some pictures!

Heather said...

I've been stalking your blog like crazy! Thanks for another timely update. Your son sounds wonderful! I'm so happy for you about that and will be praying for all the things you mentioned.

Tom said...

I love you and you are in my prayers.


Gretchen said...

I am so gland that you are updating your blog! Praise God for the safe journey and meeting Mtoto. You have such easy going boys! I will continue to pray and if there is anything you need please let me know!

By the way, I didn't realize that you called before you left. Sorry that I missed your call and I guess I will follow up with you when you return!
Gretchen said...

Oh, thanks so much for the thorough report. What a blessing to hear all about Mtoto... can hardly wait to meet him, one of these days! It sounds like your house is going to be full of personality!! You're in our prayers!
Aunt Robin

ktruelove said...

I cannot wait to see those little dimples in person!!!! We are praying for healing and bonding, for the timeline and for your time with the other kids.

pullyblank! said...

kids in bath, no time for comments, but couldn't read without offering a cyber hug!! :-)

Laura Gifford said...

Meredith has been praying for you every night, totally on her own initiative! (And so am I, of course.)

mary said...

amy, please post more details about the interview when/if you can. what do they have to investigate? how long do you think the wait might be? what are some various alternatives ya'll are discussing? just trying to understand more of the process before we get there.

Praying for you and Mtoto. Your description of your interactions with him are very moving. Thank you for allowing us to see into that intimacy. Praying for you and your family back home as you wait.

thanks for representing all of us to the orphans when you visit the different orphanages.

and thanks again for your so encouraging phone call months ago.
In Him,

mary said...
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