Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Quick Update

We have very limited internet access, so I don't have time to do a full post on meeting Tommy, but we have him now, and he will continue to stay with us. He is adjusting fairly well. He is very attached to the head Sister at the orphanage (the one who brought him to us), so while she was here yesterday (Tuesday) he wanted NOTHING to do with us. He only had eyes for her, and cried every time she moved from him or left his sight. However, once she left he consented to hang out with us. He is probably pretty confused right now. It must be scary to leave the only home you’ve ever known, travel for hours, and then get placed in the arms of two people who look and feel very different from everyone you have every known.

He is pretty content, and very curious. He is really enjoying the toys we brought for him, especially his mirror. He is one big boy. I guess the information we were sent on his weight was accurate after all.

Right now we are headed to The Surgery (the doctor for Americans and Europeans), as Tommy has pretty much the foulest stuff I have ever seen or smelled pouring out his behind. I have changed many a diaper and never seen anything that remotely approached how disgusting this is. We aren’t overly concerned, as it is very normal for the kids in the orphanage to have parasites and bacterial infections, but we figured better safe than sorry. He has a few other minor orphanage related issues, but nothing major as far as we know.

Please keep us in your prayers tonight (Weds), as we go to court Thursday morning at nine. We are praying that the judge will be satisfied with our paperwork and hear our case. It will be at least a week before we know the results.


Gretchen said...

Hi Amy and Jeff,

I'll be praying for bonding, health and quality time with Tommy. Can't wait to see pictures and hear how everything is going. =0)

Katie said...

he is a big boy!!! i can't wait to pick him up and give him a big hug (and a "somebody in ny loves me" t-shirt)