Saturday, 29 November 2008

Good News on Thanksgiving

We really missed Leah on Thursday. We distinctly felt the hole in our family as we celebrated together and thanked God for his many blessings. A good friend invited us over for dinner with his family, and we enjoyed a delicious meal and had a wonderful time talking and playing games.

We have been dog-sitting the last few days, and it has been a huge blessing to be out of our apartment for the holiday. Since we hadn't been home for a few days, we stopped by on our way to dinner and checked the mail. Our mailbox contained not only the confirmation that USCIS received our orphan's visa application, but also our fingerprint dates. The dates are both soon and convenient. I feel very relieved. Thank you all for your prayers. I am hopeful that we could now get our visa early in January. After such a long and sad day it was really nice to have a glimmer of hope.


Gretchen said...

This is good news. Thank you for sharing.

Amy Jo said...

Great news. It sounds like this may be working out for the best!

Katie said...

I'm so glad you guys got that and that the timing was perfect:)