Monday, 5 January 2009

Adoption Update, or, Christmas Ornaments Continued

At the risk of appearing completely obsessed with Christmas ornaments, I thought I would share that I purchased another one. This one is for the baby we plan on adopting this year. The projected timing of the adoption is for us to travel in late spring/early summer. We are requesting a baby between 6 and 12 months. Thus, there is a good chance that our baby has already been born, and had his or her first Christmas this year. Jeff and I went to the Hallmark store on the day after Christmas for one of those "Baby's First" type ornaments. The selection was limited, but we ended up with one that we really like:

The script across the bottom reads, "A Baby," Said Pooh, "Is a very nice thing indeed." We think it is pretty perfect.

As a bonus, the "2008" is on the back, so if it turns out that our baby was born after Christmas it would be pretty easy to cover up and still use the ornament.
Right now the adoption is not going as well as we had hoped. We were approved to adopt by the state very quickly, but there is an extra step for international adoption and although our application was technically complete they wanted some additional information. They only allow you a few days to get the information in, and circumstances beyond our control prevented us from being able to get them what they wanted according to their schedule. In such cases they send your application back, and when you resubmit you are placed in the back of the line. So we are still waiting for them to approve us so that USCIS can process our visa. I am really frustrated about this, because we did EVERYTHING we could to get the homestudy done really quickly.

We are hoping to get that approval within the next week, and then who knows how long it will take for USCIS to process the visa approval. I am especially anxious because I found out that the Ugandan embassy has been moving really quickly lately on their certifications (the next step after we get our visa), and I would like to get all of the paperwork completed. We will be waiting for quite some time after the paperwork is done, so it would be nice to have it behind us and be able to focus on something else.

If you would please pray for speedy DCFS approval, fast USCIS orphan's visa processing, for my passport to come quickly, and patience while we wait, we would really appreciate it.

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Amy Jo said...

Consider those prayers sent! And the ornament is great. So perfect for the soon to be addition to your family!