Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A Little Good News

We received a grant from Shaohannah's Hope/Show Hope for $3,000!

This is a huge blessing for us. We had been turned down for the other grants we had applied to, so we had gotten a bit discouraged at our prospects of receiving a positive response. Also, we just plain needed some good news.

Shaohannah's Hope was set up by Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman after they adopted from China. They named it after their daughter, Shaohannah, and began providing adoption grants and working to spread awareness about our responsibility as Christians to care for orphans. The organization has grown and expanded, and they recently changed its name to Show Hope. Show Hope's most recent project is a medical facility in China to provide care for special needs orphans. That project is named in memory of another one of the Chapmans' daughters, Maria, who was tragically killed in a car accident.

In the brief interactions that I had with the staff of Shaohannah's Hope I was really impressed by their kindness and helpfulness. At one point I had some concerns over whether or not a document had arrived, and they responded so graciously to my crazy-adopting mom paperwork stress. I really appreciated that. And we appreciate the grant, and are thanking God for the Chapmans' love for orphans and vision for adoption, and the generous contributors to Show Hope.


Gretchen said...

That's very good news Amy. I'm really glad that you have gotten a glimmer in the middle of the stresses.

Jamy said...

I'm glad to hear that. You deserve some good news.

Amy Jo said...

Congrats on the grant! You deserve it!

Cuppa Jo said...

I can use some good news. Congrats!