Thursday, 30 July 2009

Passport/Visa Update

Amy received Tommy's passport as planned and on schedule this morning!

She then went to the Embassy with a (not quite complete, as it turned out) pile of paperwork to make an appointment to see the Consul, as she could not get through to her by phone. After some amount of waiting at the Embassy during which Tommy was confused/slightly traumatized by seeing a woman who from a distance looked very much like Sister Christine (he cried for her when he saw her, but then when brought close was confused and probably a little frightened when he saw that she was not Sister) Amy scheduled an appointment for the afternoon.

Upon meeting with the Consul we learned that we were missing an important document, which was... frustrating. However, the situation is under control and Amy will pick up the document in question from Isaac first thing tomorrow morning. Otherwise, once our application is complete the Consul is confident that Tommy's visa should be done within two business days. It is possible that Tommy's visa could be processed tomorrow, in which case Amy, Tommy, and Mary would leave Uganda on Sunday night. However, it is much more likely that Tommy's visa will be ready on Monday. If so, they will leave Monday night. Either way, it looks like they will be coming home within the next week. Praise God.

Please pray:

- That Tommy's visa will be processed quickly
- For a relaxing and enjoyable final few days in Uganda


Amy Jo said...

Great news! Can't wait to hear that they are on their way home.

Katie said...

Yayayayay!!! I'm so glad the coming home date is within a few days! I can't wait to hear that they've got all the docs together and are on the plane:) I'm praying:)