Saturday, 11 July 2009

Figuring Tommy Out

We still don't fully understand the little guy's cues, partly because we don't know him well enough, and partly because kids in orphanages loose their ability to signal their needs because their needs are never met on demand. However, we are learning some of his likes and dislikes, and it has been very fun to get to know more about him. Food is hard for us because his diet is limited now due to the Giardia, and because we have to be careful of his food insecurities while mindful that it is hard for him to know when he is full and to stop eating.

Likes: fried or scrambled eggs, rice, bread soaked in milk (water now because the Dr. has him off milk), yogurt, carrots, pineapple, papaya, bananas, green peppers, oatmeal, potatoes, apple juice. Loves: posho and beans, Krest Bitter Lemon (Sister gave it to him, and who was I to say no to a nun?) Dislikes: mango juice, greens, passion fruit juice, cheese crackers, granola bars, potato chips, Cheerios.

His favorite toy right now is an empty water bottle, second is any cell phone (he likes to put a cell phone up to his ear and say hello), but he is also enthralled with mirrors, enjoys bubbles, his beach ball, his lion, anything he can throw, and flip flops (he puts them on his hands and crawls around with them). He is a fast crawler, and has been working really hard on walking. He is getting much better at standing without support, and loves walking while holding onto furniture or our hands.

He has just figured out how to use a pacifier, sort of. This is a really good thing because he currently sucks his fingers for comfort, and this has caused him to develop a fungal infection on his hand. He is otherwise doing well, the Giardia is under control, we hope, and he passed his visa medical exam with no problems.

He wiggles like crazy, and likes to get his way. Jeff overheard one of the Sisters at the orphanage tell Sister Christine that she was "raising a stubborn boy" because she indulged him so much. At some point he is going to realize that his situation has changed for good, and we think that will be very hard on him, because he really loves her.


Colleen Anita Hamilton said...

Keep up the hard work you guys :-) I am praying for you as a family like crazy over here in Oxford. Love you.

Cuppa Jo said...

I am constantly continuing to try and figure my children out. They change so quickly. Just when I think I've got them penned, there they go changing the game on me.

It's fun to hear you talk abour your son, Amy, and I can not wait to meet him.

I'm actually going to try and get to Chicago when you get home - well after you and Jeff and Tommy have some time to begin your adjustment here in the U.S.

Gretchen said...

It really sounds like Tommy is doing well developmentally. You guys are just what he needs and your parenting is going to do him wonders! Can't wait to see picture of your little guy when the time comes!

mary said...

Can't wait to see Tommy. We are having fun in NY with Jeremy and Katie. Dad got your bday message.
luv u and see you tomorrow.

Heather said...

I agree with Gretchen, he sure sounds just like a "normal" 14-month-old! It was fun to hear more about him.