Friday, 28 January 2011

Some Much Needed Busy Work

Earlier this week I got an email asking us to send the money for Mtoto's passport. So, clearly someone believes that we will get the paperwork we need to get him home (I'm trying, I'm trying). Anyway, it was nice to feel like we were doing something...even if that "something" was filling out paperwork at Western Union in Dominicks while Tommy pulled things off of the grocery checkout displays. Why are displays always at a child's eye level? Why are the things so easy to pull off the racks and shelves? I love my child, and yes, we are working on keeping our hands to ourselves, but the grocery store is killer. So many things to touch! But, I digress. We are still waiting for the "big" news that we have passed court and that our paperwork is in order. Waiting slightly more patiently this week than last week, which is good. In the meantime, a little more busywork: this weekend we will get round one of our travel shots. Yuck.

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ktruelove said...

That is good news! It has got to be hard but you guys are doing a great job. ps- the grocery stores do that on purpose to keep you in longer and to make you buy stuff to keep kids happy. There's a whole psychology behind it-- evil!