Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Tommy Boy

We were talking about Mtoto coming home, and I asked Tommy if he was going to be a great big brother to Mtoto. His answer:
     "Yes. I will steal his toys and then give them back."
At least we have a few months to work on this...

The day after we returned to IL, I asked him what he wanted for dinner:
     "A hamburger and french fries at In-n-out."
He'll be waiting a rather long time for that dinner.

When Tommy was going through a scratching phase, we would counsel him to put his hands together when he got upset. It would go something like this: "Make a good choice! Put your hands together." This week Tommy has figured out how to scale the baby gate that we put up on his bedroom door at night. He has taken to climbing over the gate then walking into the living room with his hands clasped together and announcing: "I made a good choice! I put my hands together!"

We were at a friend's house for a "coffee hour" and one of the women there had some visible gold teeth (from dental care received in another country). Tommy was very impressed with said teeth, and knowing that gold teeth are treasure (thanks Jjaja,for that one) and that pirates have gold teeth, began to recite a passage to her from his favorite pirate book: "Ahoy there, Matey! Be this the Spanish Main? No, this is North Beach..." Thankfully, his annunciation isn't the best when he recites, and her English was limited, so she had no idea what he was saying. When she asked what he was talking about, I let her know that he was admiring her teeth, and that he believes gold teeth are treasure, because his poppa has gold teeth too. I left out the part about him probably thinking she was a pirate.

In the fall of 2009 Tommy received some toddler clothes as a baby gift. The mom who gave them to us wrote in the card something about the clothes seeming large, but that he would be fitting them before we knew it. As I looked at those 3T pants I thought that she was crazy, because it would be ages before my little guy (who was still wearing some 12 month clothes at the time) fit into those gigantic pants. Last week I pulled out those pants and added them to his rotation. I know every parent says it, so now it's my turn: I cannot believe both how quickly he has grown and how fast that time has flown by.

And now, a video of Tommy belting out one of his current musical obsessions (I must say I will be glad when he moves past this repetitive phase and adds a little musical variety to his life):


Tom said...

and you think "I don't care about that" is better than "dee double dare"? I don't think so.


Heather said...

In-N-Out and Weezer, that kid has good taste.

Great stories, as usual!