Saturday, 6 August 2011

Nic Turns One

How is it that my baby is one already? I mean, besides the small matter of us missing out on the first seven and a half months of his life?

Nicolas has gotten so big, and his little personality is starting to shine through. He loves imitating his Daddy, and has figured out little noises and gestures that make us laugh, and likes to put on little shows in from his booster seat. His old nick-name "Big Hands" continues to apply, as he spends much of the day grabbing everything in sight and trying to pull it down/out of place (also, he has big hands and feet compared to the rest of his body). He adores music and loves to wave his arms or dance when we listen to it. He eats very well, in fact, I have trouble keeping enough food on his tray because he gobbles whatever I give him right up.

We had a birthday cake for him at the Congo party. Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" and Nic (with a possible assist from Dad) blew out his candle. There can be no doubt that Nicolas enjoys cake. He ate it all, and wanted more. It was probably the best "store bought" cake I have ever eaten. I'm not an icing person at all- but the icing on this cake was so good that I would have eaten in plain. It was great to celebrate among friends, and it was especially neat to have the Woods family and Craig family there with us.

On Sunday, Nic's actual birthday, we spent the morning and early afternoon at the ongoing party, but had to spend the rest of the day driving home. We stopped at Cracker Barrel so that Nicolas could have a very cheesy midwestern/southern birthday dinner. He enjoyed his dinner, and was crazy about the ice cream that the waitress brought him as a birthday treat. Enjoy the sugar while you can, my child, because it will be a long time before you see this much of it again!

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