Thursday, 18 August 2011

Train Spotting

We have had perfect weather this week. Seriously, if we had a real beach (sand at the edge of a lake is not a real beach) I would be right at home.

We've been trying to take advantage of the lovely temperatures and low humidity by getting outside as much as possible, but since we don't have a community pool, and I don't like trekking to the zoo everyday I've had to be creative. Thus, we found ourselves packing a picnic lunch, loading up the stroller (my double jogger is rocking my world), and heading to the train station to eat and watch the trains go by. The boys had loads of fun eating lunch on the benches by the fountain. I was happy that they got to see a handful of trains, since most of the trains on our tracks are commuter, and noon isn't prime time for commuting. After over an hour of free entertainment, the boys were still not ready to leave even though nap time was fast approaching. Thus I offered a return trip at some point in the future...and Tommy decided that the future should be very very soon. So, we went back for dinner.

Trip One:

Here, Nic. Have some of this clementine.

You got room for more in there?

Hold still. I'm trying to give you more clementine.

A fount of silliness

Good ol' BNSF

Tommy's train dance

Trip Two

Waiting for a train with Daddy

Waiting for a train with Mum

Tasty corn

Really tasty corn

A "people" train


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