Thursday, 11 August 2011

Zucchini Week

I love the abundance of summer.

This week we picked up a big bag of zucchini at church, so I've been canning, freezing, cooking, and baking with zucchini. The amount of zucchini I brought home was significantly less than last week's peach bonanza (although I could go for another half bushel of peaches right about now), so it was much easier and less time consuming.

The final count for the bag of zucchini:

4 small jars of summer squash pickles canned.
4 bags of blanched chopped zucchini bagged for future stir-frying
2 loaves of yummy pumpkin zucchini bread baked and wrapped in the freezer

Recipe for the bread here. I subbed in chocolate chips for the walnuts. Also, if you are going to cook large loaves turn the oven down to 325 or they will brown too fast, as you can see in the picture.

The Zucchini went fast - I have a few more canning recipes that I would like to try so maybe I'll find some more as the summer goes on. I would also be willing to make and eat a whole bunch of that chocolate chip zucchini pumpkin bread!

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Sweet Apron said...

Canning girls unite!