Friday, 12 June 2009

Adoption Updates

As many of you know, we have felt that things have been a little rocky recently with the adoption. We have been working with our agency regarding our concerns and feel that they have been heard and at least partially addressed. We feel good about the conversations we have had.

It was difficult for us to confront some of the problems. We were worried about jeopardizing our process. However, we felt that we could not live with our anger because Christ has called us to a different way. This meant working on honestly and lovingly voicing our hurts, pointing out the truth, and working towards reconciliation. It took a few tries, but we believe we have made substantial progress, and the conversation continues. Praise God.

We covet your continued prayer for our adoption. We remain unsure of when we will travel, but have begun to make preparations to travel on short notice, as this may become necessary. To be clear, we do not have a referral yet, but they would like to prepare us for travel in case they can get us one in the next few weeks. The courts will be closing very soon, so if we don't travel by the end of June I don't anticipate going until August or September.

The next few weeks will be very stressful for us. We are counting down the days until Leah's birthday (the 24th) all the while attempting to make arrangements to leave the country on short notice. Jeff just found out today that he has a beamtime at the lab next week, and will be working around the clock from this Tuesday to the next. Did I also mention I really need to finish my dissertation (I'm that close)? And that we have to think about moving? As you can see, our uncertainty/anxiety levels are quite high!

Prayer requests:

- Healing in our relationship with our agency
- Protection for our child, and that we would finally get to meet him or her.
- That everything (paperwork) would come together for us to have a court date prior to the court's summer recess, but after Leah's birthday (24th).
- Comfort as we miss our Leah so much, but especially at this time.


Heather said...

WOW, so much to deal with. I am praying for you. I just set up a little world map today with pictures of people we are praying for. There is a picture of you guys and a little piece of yarn connected to a tack in Uganda.

Amy Jo said...

Sending prayers up for all of you. I know you have alot on your plate and I hope that things settle down for you soon.