Thursday, 21 July 2011

Nic's Day At Court

On Monday we drove downtown to attend Nic's US adoption hearing. In our state we have to wait six months to finalize adoptions done overseas when you haven't met the child prior to the completion of the adoption, but you can attend your court hearing early because it takes a few months for everything to be decided after your hearing.

We had an afternoon court date this round, which meant traffic was slightly better driving into the city. We met our attorney, Nic went to the Sheriff to get served, and then we went upstairs to the family court area. The courthouse has a nice play-room for the kids to sit in while you wait, and we waited with two other families who were on the docket that day. The Judge we stood before was very, very nice. She asked us a few questions, admired the boys, and let us go. Tommy was very impressed with the sucker he received on the way out. After she finished hearing cases the Judge took pictures with us, and we went home.

We are one step closer to legally confirming Nic's place in our family. Once the ruling is confirmed it will only be a few more checks and a few more forms (I'm particularly dreading the N-600 and going to SS) and we will be done.


mary said...

What a great day!

Sweet Apron said...

Woo hoo!!!!!

And you look EXACTLY like your mom in the 3rd from last pic.

Laura Gifford said...

I LOVE the tie on Nic.

Tom said...

I like all the pictures, especially the first one of Jeff and the two boys.