Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Beach Days Two and Three

The following post was written 10 days ago while we were still in California.

The weather finally warmed up a bit more! It still isn't particularly hot, but it was nice enough for us to go to the beach for a few hours in the afternoon.

Nic is a confirmed beach bum. He cannot get enough of the beach. He loved crawling in the sand, munching on big handfuls of it, and playing in buckets of seawater. Tommy has long been a big fan of the beach, and he had a wonderful time dipping his toes (and only his toes) in the waves and collecting buckets of wet sand for "castles."

I enjoy lying in the sand. Is there anything more relaxing than lying on the beach? I got plenty of good sand-time on our beach trips because we had plenty of grown-ups in tow to keep an eye on the kids. Unfortunately I foolishly relied on spray sunscreen on beach day two, and apparently the wind carried off most of the spray...leaving the back of my legs looking particularly lobster-ish. I haven't been this burned since high school. I can barely sit down. I am only hoping that my skin still has its magic burn-turns-into-tan powers, because I do not want to peel. The upshot for beach day three was that I had to keep the back of my legs out of the sun, which was annoying. Also on my annoying list - I either forgot my bathing suit or someone at TSA stole it out of my suitcase (yes, I know, I probably forgot it). Thus I have had to borrow bathing suits from my sister and my mom. My sister's suit was an old one of hers from high school and the fit on me was rather unfortunate, because it was baggy in places that left me more than a little exposed. Thus I resorted to borrowing a bikini from my mother. Is there anything that will make you feel old more than wearing your mom's bikini to the beach? I think not. I was both shocked and thankful that it was actually cute (love you mom!).

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