Monday, 11 July 2011

Please Pray

Nic's running a fever a little over 101. Best case scenario is he's teething with a higher fever than usual, but worst case is an infection of some sort. We have an appointment with the pediatrician in a few minutes. I am really hoping it will be something simple and that we can come back home, but I am packing a bag just in case this is sickle cell related and we need to check in to the hospital. Nic does not have any discernible signs of a sickle crisis (ie pain or swelling), but it could be a spleen or lung problem...which would not be obvious to me.

Please pray for Nic's healing and comfort. Pray for Tommy, who is in good hands right now, but who lately has been suffering from fear that I will leave him. I don't want things like this to reinforce that fear. Pray for me, that I can make it through whatever tests or procedures Nic may have to endure.


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oh amy, we are PRAYING!!