Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Maybe I Spoke Too Soon

We heard from our agency last week, and it appears that we may be getting some good news in a few weeks. We won't know until we actually receive our referral (information about an available child), but apparently our lawyer is putting one together and thinks it will be ready soon.

Then, two days ago we received our preliminary court papers. These papers will be used by our lawyer, Isaac, to get us a court date once he has located a baby for us. We have been gathering some supplemental information for him to use as well. Yesterday we both had to get our signatures on the documents notarized too. It has been a busy couple of days.

Please continue to pray for Isaac, as he continues his discernment process and as he gathers the necessary paperwork to share with us.

Pray that God will protect us. We are skittish about receiving our referral, because once we see that picture and look into those eyes we will have something to lose again. Pray that the baby Isaac refers to us will be the baby that God has in mind for us.

Pray for our future baby, wherever he (or she) is, that he will receive good care as he waits for us to bring him home.

We are trying not to get too excited. We are thankful that we got this call, because the wait has been getting harder, and having even a little bit of hope is so refreshing.


Amy Jo said...

I am so confident that God will be guiding Issac as he matches you with your baby. Continued prayers being sent for you all.

Katie said...

I love you guys and am praying for you. It must be really, really hard to try not to get too excited. As always, thank you for sharing about the process.