Friday, 4 March 2011

Decisions, Decisions

We have some big decisions to make in the next few days. Without going into too many details, we have the opportunity to apply for Mtoto's visa sooner than we hoped/dreamed/prayed for, but we are missing something crucial to that process. Our lawyer is confident he will have it in time, but a plane ticket to Africa is a rather large financial risk to take. On the flip side, if we don't go for it, it may be a while before we get another opportunity.

For those of you wondering where our visa appointment would put us on the "home for Tommy's birthday" timeline - the current appointment is not soon enough to say that we would be home without any trouble, in fact, we would need things to move faster than they typically average, but again, God has done bigger things than what we are praying for.

We have two major barriers that need to be moved in the next two weeks. One we will refer to that the Illinois barrier, and the other is procuring the necessary documents. We are praying for discernment - we need to make a decision about purchasing tickets and applying for our travel visa in the next few days. We are confident that this is in God's hands no matter the outcome, but we will be needing to act soon, and it would be sweet to have a little clarity.

Update since I wrote the above paragraph: there is no longer an Illinois barrier. We are rejoicing at this news- it was a tough one, and we are thankful that God moved this mountain.

Please continue to pray for us for clarity in our decision and for those papers!

We got to see a copy of Mtoto's passport today. On a sad side note, his hair is neatly trimmed. Someone must have gotten the idea to spruce him up for his official paperwork (boo!). He looks rather adorable in the photo though, so I suppose I forgive them.