Thursday, 31 March 2011

Another Day

We had an activity planned for today, but we were scheduled to leave at 8am...and Mtoto and I weren't exactly up at 8am, so we skipped it. It was nice to sleep in, and, fortuitously, breakfast was still out at 8:15 when we dragged ourselves downstairs (it usually disappears at 8). We lazed around all morning, which was awesome. We are both mostly recovered from yesterday's wretched drives. I'm great, but Mtoto has developed what I think is a heat rash. I let him air out a bit today, and I hope that it will clear up soon.

We are continuing to w-a-i-t. No news thus far on the progress of our visa. They have been taking three weeks lately. Jeff is able to switch off with me after we have the visa, but we have to wait until the visa is finished for him to head out. Then I will head home and he will get to enjoy the mosquitoes for a few weeks.

Tonight we are having a little celebration here at the guesthouse. One of the families who has been here FOREVER gets to go home tomorrow! And, I get to inherit their ant spray!!!!


ktruelove said...

So glad you guys got some nice rest!:)

mary said...

Wow, what a great gift! Glad you got some rest. We went to the amazing coffee shop today :)