Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Prayer Card Update

Both my mom and I have finished making prayer cards. I've mailed them out to everyone who has sent me their address, and for those of you who live close to Mom she has hopefully gotten them to you by now.

If you would like to join us in praying for Mtoto's journey home and didn't get a card you can either send me a note and I will get you one, or, you can pray through this list. Each card has one of the follow requests on it:

Pray that Mtoto is protected from common (but difficult to treat in Africa) children’s infections. Cold, ear infections, influenza, etc.

Pray that Mtoto is protected from illness carried in contaminated water: giardia, worms, typhoid, cholera, and any others.

Pray that Mtoto is not exposed to diseases transmitted by blood: malaria, all Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS.

Pray that Mtoto is protected from contagious diseases measles, mumps, rubella, polio, meningitis, chicken pox, influenza, whooping cough.

Pray that at least one woman working at the home would pay special attention to Mtoto so he can develop the ability to form an attachment.

Pray that Mtoto’s diapers will always be changed when they are dirty, and that he will not be subject to multiple diaper rashes or yeast infections.

Pray that Mtoto will receive food when he cries in hunger so that he can establish a healthy understanding of need/parental response.

Pray that Mtoto gets enough sleep to grow and maintain his health.

Pray that Mtoto will be frequently held and carried. Pray that someone would decide to carry him on her back in a sling while she works.

Pray that the water used to make Mtoto’s formula would be clean and free of lead.

Pray that Mtoto would be able to spend a little time in the sunshine each week, and that his body would produce the vitamin D it needs.

Pray that Mtoto’s formula cans will be replenished and that he will never have to drink tainted formula.

Praise God for the opportunity the Klug family has to add this baby to their family, and to the community in which you interact with us!

Praise God for Mtoto’s life, and that Mtoto was brought safely to the orphanage.

Pray for the mamas who work at the home, that they would be well provided for and have peace in their personal homes, that they may be refreshed when they come to work.

Pray that the Consul in Mtoto's country would have his/her heart softened towards
orphans/adoptive families.

Pray for us to get a court date as soon as possible, and then, a visa appointment.

Pray that the Judge will have favor on our petition to adopt, and then, that the US embassy would favor our visa petition.

Pray that we would have no problems or hold ups procuring Mtoto’s passport or clearance to leaver the country from his government.

Pray for an end to the violence in Mtoto’s homeland.

Pray for Mtoto’s birth mom, that she would have peace and feel God’s love.

Pray for a timely and fair visa appointment and process.

Pray that Mtoto has excellent nutrition, that the food he eats is adequate, that it is clean, and that he gets it often.

Pray for our lawyer, that he would have the words to answer any questions the Judge might have about us.

Pray for the man responsible for acquiring our documents, that he would be safe, healthy, and favored by the offices he deals with.

Pray for Tommy’s adjustment to learning about and then adding another child to our family.

Pray that Tommy and Mtoto would bond.

Pray that Jeff and Mtoto would bond.

Pray that Amy and Mtoto would bond.

Pray for patience and peace for Jeff, Amy, and Tommy as we wait.

Pray that Jeff, Amy, and Tommy would have the ability to trust in God’s timing and plan for Mtoto’s journey into our family.

Pray that God would provide the finances necessary for this adoption.

Pray that we would be allowed to take one trip, and that it would be as short as possible.

Thank you to everyone who is joining us in praying for our sweet boy. The wait already feels so long, and it has only just begun. We appreciate you support more than we can explain.

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