Monday, 25 October 2010


Well, we have been making some significant strides in the area of potty training. After the last round I decided we needed a long break. We were both done. But then Tommy started insisting on wearing underwear. He didn't do it everyday, but when he did he was rather stubborn about it. When he asked I let him. He sometimes went in the toilet, and sometimes didn't. He also began requesting to go more even when he was wearing a diaper. When he asked he got to go, but we didn't push it.

After a few weeks of this I got tired of the underwear battle. I didn't mind letting him wear it around the house, but when he insisted on wearing it out and not consistently going in the toilet...that was less than ideal.

I received a great deal of advice after the last attempt. Thank you all. I decided I would go in the opposite direction of the "three day method" since that absolutely did not work for us, and basically adopted all of the "do nots" from that plan. We are going slowly. I am using bribery- multiple types- stickers for peeing in the toilet, little plastic sea creatures for pooping in the toilet, and Hotwheels for days that he stays totally dry. He also gets to help clean up when he makes a mess. I am using diapers at night and during naps, and occasionally when we go out and I don't want to worry about him wetting. I am also allowing Tommy to go on trees, the grass, etc when we are in the backyard instead of having him pee on himself while I rush him to the toilet.

Tommy is doing such a great job. He has been dry at church and at the playtime during my bible study, he has stayed dry at Costco, Trader Joe's, and the Zoo (huge triumph). The only issue I am having is getting him to go in public toilets. He doesn't like being held up, standing on the seat, or sitting on the seat, and he is way to short to reach otherwise.

This may be a long process with lots of laundry to do and messes to clean up, but so far it has been much easier this way.


mary said...

More stickers and a picture on the way.
Go Tommy!

Erin said...

Wow, this sounds so familiar! We're going through the same process right now...Garrett is scared of public toilets so I haven't ventured out yet without a pull-up...but soon! Good job, Tommy! :)

Heather said...

That's exactly where Natalie is. She too will not use public toilets.

Emily said...

I feel like the kids have it right on this one-- public toilets ARE pretty nasty.

ps mom I want a sticker for every 12+ hour work day. So far you owe me like five.

sara said...

YAH!!! I am so glad he is doing so well! Sounds like you have the perfect plan:) Every kid is soooo different! Public restrooms are nasty....can't tell you how many times o has peed under our car in parking lots (Opps!) or in random places to avoid the restrooms...better than an accident and now he doesn't mind them at all. When T gets taller, try having him stand on your pretty well:)