Saturday, 23 October 2010

The Getty

This post should have been done a month ago. This is the day after our unforgettable trip to the Aquarium.

My history crew and our future not historians (please, please let our children study something that pays better) took a trip to the Getty on our last day together. Between the train rides, the gardens, and the play room our kids had a better time there than they did at the Aquarium. It was much harder to get them to leave.

We had a few incidents. I blame the arboretum for the first one. The arboretum, which we love and visit often, has some great water features in the children's garden. The best part of these features is that the kids are invited to play in them- grab out rocks and drop them back in, wade, splash, sit, and so on. Tommy's favorite is a little frog pond with smooth stones. The Getty also had a pond with those same smooth stones. Guess what Tommy did? He leaned right in to pick them up and drop them. Then he ran straight into the other fountain, the one without any rim or railing...lovely. He experienced the consequences of wet shoes for the rest of the day.

I also think he may have touched one of the paintings when I wasn't quite as fast as I should have been. Since no alarms sounded I can't be sure. I am happy to report it was a very ugly painting, though it is probably worth more than we will earn in a lifetime.

Still, Tommy and I had a great time. He had checked out a book on impressionists from the library, and it was fun to show him some of the works from artists he had read about. He also got to have a hot dog and sweet potato fries for lunch which always makes his day (I was impressed by how inexpensive and good the food was at the cafeteria and they were so helpful with finding out about allergens). But best of all he spent the entire morning chasing after big kids, while I got to hang out with some of my favorite grown-ups.

It isn't easy getting three active kids to stand still for a photo!

Fun activities in the family space! Above: rearranging art. Below: making masks.

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Laura Gifford said...

Great photos, Amy! That was such a fun day. :-)