Friday, 25 December 2009

First Christmas Together

We had a rather eventful day. We had three different celebrations to attend. First we opened stockings together, then had presents and breakfast with my family, then lunch and presents with Jeff's family, then dinner and presents with my extended family. The day's excitement included a kitchen fire, when the paper towel Uncle Kevin was draining bacon on got a little too close to the stove top and dramatically burst into flames. Thanks to some quick thinking and a pair of tongs the ball of fire made it to the sink quickly and everyone escaped injury.

Tommy is officially not in Uganda anymore. Talk about a rags to riches story.... let's just say he had a lot of presents to open. Jeff and I only got him one matchbox car and a little stuffed bear, so we take no responsibility for the extreme spoiling. I've decided to leave some of the toys in their wrapping and pull them out in a few months. He won't know the difference!

Opening stockings

What did Mum get?

Group hug with Mum, Uncle Kevin, and Colleen

Second breakfast

Midday nap at Grandma Janie's

Merry Christmas from the Klugs!


jena said...

What wonderful pictures!!!!

Jamy said...

2I love it! It truly makes me happy to see the happiness in your lives. This is only the beginning of many great Christmases, I'm sure!

Chelsea Lee said...

ok how sweet does he look? my favorite is when he's all tuckered out in front of the christmas tree.