Friday, 17 July 2009

Slowing Down

Early last Friday morning our car was hit by a drunk driver as our driver was on his way to meet us at the guest house. We were not involved and Eddie was not injured, just a little shaken up, but the car was not so fortunate. So, since our car has been out of commission this week as it undergoes repairs, we have been staying home and resting a bit more. That has worked out well because my mom has been pretty jet lagged. This has worked out really well for me, because she is up very early and can't sleep so she has been feeding Tommy breakfast and letting me sleep in. I haven't slept this well since we got the little guy, and I am feeling much better.

We went to the Museum of Uganda on Tuesday. It was much bigger than I expected, and definitely worth the trip to learn more about the various people groups in Uganda and their histories. Tommy's is Banyankole, which is a smaller tribe here (the major one is the Baganda), so we only saw a few artifacts from his people. The museum is no Smithsonian, but they have some interesting collections (including relics of a Buganda warrior that include his umbilical cord and one of his testicles- very exciting). Tommy's favorite was the interactive display of musical instruments. He loved pounding on the big wooden xylophone.

Wednesday we hung out at the house, except for a short walk in the evening to get some phone minutes. It was quite an adventure because we went out at the time when everyone in the area is moving around. Everyone always stares at us, but it was especially bad that night. Of the people who talk to us, I would say that 90% are very positive about us adopting Tommy. I have been stopped and thanked numerous times. On Wednesday I received my first obviously negative comment- this man at the grocery store grabbed Tommy's leg and said "Black man, this white woman is trying to carry you away" over and over again. The man in front of me stepped in and said, "He is really brown, not black," and then started talking to me about how nice it was that we were adopting him, and he ended with saying "God bless you."

Thursday we went back to the Surgery because Tommy's giardia may be back- very frustrating but not unexpected. We had an appointment and test, and will have to go back again because they didn't find anything yet (it can take more than one test). Going to the surgery isn't too bad because they have both a water cooler and a nice bathroom. If I have to be stuck somewhere in Kampala waiting for hours I would rather it had both of those things.

We are having extreme internet frustrations- it is basically impossible for me to log into email, and entirely impossible to get into facebook. I also miss my microwave a lot. And of course, Jeff (even more than internet or microwave).

bffhctcgrtrcrtrfv yg k (That was a message from Tommy)


Amy Jo said...

I am so glad that your driver is okay and that you weren't in the car! Sounds like things are going well. We will pray for Tommy's health. Thank you so much for the updates. I really love hearing about your adventures!

Beth Sykes said...

how sweet, our first correspondence with Tommy!! I am glad you all have stayed safe... and I don't know how you are surviving w/o a microwave!

Gretchen said...

Such a great update as usual Amy. I like seeing Tommy's little input as well! ;0) I'm glad you're getting so many good responses. They help when the bad ones come along.
We'll be praying for Tommy to get healthy and for your drivers car to be repaired soon.

Jamy said...

I love that message from Tommy! It's good to hear that you are getting some rest, finally. I just think it is so great for Tommy that you get to spend the time in Uganda, even if things don't always go so smoothly. You will always have that.