Monday, 25 July 2011

Nic's "First" Haircut

It's his first haircut with us anyway. He's had one other that we know about, when they took his pictures for his passport. Thankfully, they let it grow back after that and when I got to Congo he had the cutest little baby fro. It was very difficult for me to part with his baby curls, but his hair was a crazy mix of baby hair and grown up hair and it was looking a bit too shaggy for court. Thus, we trimmed the little fellow up.

He was not really a fan of the haircut, but he tolerated it.

Nic and Tommy have different levels of curls. Tommy's curls are much tighter, while Nic's are softer and looser. His hair is easier to comb out than Tommy's, so we can keep it a little longer without extra effort.




Angie said...

So cute!

Gretchen said...

He looks more grown up after the haircut! So cute!