Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Greetings from the Hospital

Wow has it been a crazy day. Jeff left for the ER with Nic last night around 12:30, and they were checked into the hospital around 4am after the doctors in the ER decided that they could not find a clear cause for his fever. They were working under the assumption that he had a blood infection, because that was his worst-case scenario after all the rest of the sickle-cell related tests came back negative. Unfortunately, the blood infection tests take 24 hours to culture, so they won't have a negative for us until the middle of the night tonight. Thus, I get to sleep on one of those awesome hospital fold out bed/chairs. It is astounding to me that they can even make a sleeping device as uncomfortable as these chairs. Each and every individual spring has it's own special lump, and you can actually feel the strands in the coils when you sit. It's like sleeping on a bed of slinkies. Horrible, but totally worth it to be near my little guy.

Nic's fever stayed down during the day. It has increased some tonight, but he is on loads of Tylenol and antibiotics, and it has not gotten anywhere near as high as it was last night. He is in a decent mood considering the amount of poking and prodding he has been through in the last 24 hours, and the fact that the cribs in this place are scary, cage-like, and extend all the way from floor to ceiling with various poles and plastic germ shields. The top is basically a big plastic tent. It completely weirded me out when I first saw him sleeping in it.

Anyway, Jeff needs to take the computer (and Tommy) home, and Nic needs to get to bed and hopefully sleep. I'm done for too. I'll probably have some more reflections on our hospital sojourn later, as it has been a lot of action packed into such a short time. We are all in high spirits because we had a very positive visit from the hematologist. We don't have the definitive word yet, because, (surprise) they need to analyze Nic's blood some more and possibly run more tests, but his fetal hemoglobin count remains elevated, praise God. If they rescind his diagnosis of sickle cell disease then we won't have to run to hospital every time he has a fever. As nice as this hospital is (it is seriously very very nice), I would prefer not to come here. Please keep praying with us that Nic's fever would go down and that we can return home asap. We appreciate it so much.

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