Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Great Debate

I promise this is not a post on the debt ceiling.

The issue at hand: What was Nic's first word?

I think it was Mama. Jeff, however, has only heard him say Dada.

Three days ago, while Nic was crying about something or other, my guess would be Tommy hit him, or pinched him, or rolled on top of him, or took his toy...ah, brothers...he lifted up his arms and said, "waahhh, Mama, waahhh, Mama." When I picked him up the waahhhs continued but the Mamas stopped. I thought that Nic had perhaps said his first distinguishable word, but I didn't want to get overly excited and have some accuse me of being too much like my father (who claims I told him "I love you" at six months).

Last night, Jeff was putting Nic to bed for the second or third time. The little man is teething again and is up and down every few hours. When Jeff put him down and left the room, Nic started to scream clearly "Dada, Dada" until Jeff picked him up again. He did it again tonight.

Both times I overheard Nic clearly say Dada, but no one but me has ever heard him say Mama!

Nevertheless, I claim that he did say Mama, and that it should be documented as his first word.

While I don't have any footage of him talking, here is a darn cute video of him really enjoying some ice cream.


crockett said...

You could just choose to believe that he is soooo clever that he tailored a first word for each of you. Thankfully C did not try this trick, and made her choice clear (Mama).

Laura Gifford said...

We both were trumped by the "Kitty! Kitty!" at 8 months, so at least a human will get the prize in your household. :-)

Tom said...

you were less than 6 months. I will be vindicated in the life to come.