Tuesday, 26 July 2011

And the Wait Goes On...

July 27. Tomorrow. After three months of waiting we were supposed to be getting answers about Nicolas' diagnosis. I'm guessing that you can tell by my use of the term "supposed" that it isn't happening. The lab work still isn't finished, although they did promise it would be done by the end of the week. Our hematologist works in the city and only spends one day a week in the suburbs, so that means waiting until next Wednesday for our office visit and the results.

I am very disappointed. We have great Congoriffic plans this weekend that we are really looking forward to (and Nic's birthday), and I was really hoping to not have to bring the penicillin along, since it requires a cooler and ice packs, etc, and is a pain. I was also hoping to not bring along the constant cloud of wondering if a small fever will result in a hospital trip, or if an episode of crying portends a sickle crisis. Nic sneezed a few times today, and now I'm frantically praying he won't develop a fever and we won't have to cancel. I know that in the grand scheme of life one week is not that long to wait, but after waiting almost patiently for three months I am ready for some answers.

On a happier note, the postponement has played out well for the kids. Today Jeff is in the city for the full day/evening at a conference so I have been "on" and will be on from wake-up to bedtime, and I am exhausted. This is probably more related to staying up until almost midnight finishing the laundry last night, or perhaps going to the splash park this morning, or having to spend an hour of the boy's too-short nap on the phone with the IRS to get no new information on our tax refund, but on top of all that I found this news extra deflating. Thus, I decided I did not have the energy to go back to the splash park after nap as previously promised, and since I like to keep my promises or offer an alternative perceived as better, the boys got to have their dessert before dinner and Tommy got to watch his new obsession: The Adventures of Robin Hood. Oodelally! I am so thankful we have moved on from Cars, at least for the moment.

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Laura Gifford said...

I'm sorry your wait has been prolonged! Praying for answers, soon, for you all... and fun with the Congoriffic weekend.