Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Supervision Required

This is why I have to supervise all of Tommy's visits with my family (wink wink):

Tommy is in a singing phase. He sings constantly, and often the same two lines over and over again. Although I love his serenades, they can wear out their welcome, especially during car rides.

After we dropped Jeff at the airport yesterday, Tommy crooned part of the chorus from "Seed to Sow" for quite some time. You know, "One thing, I know, everybody has a seed to sow." Again, and again, and again. He loves his African Children's Choir.

Finally, hoping to distract him, Mom cut in with a question:

"Tommy, do you have a seed to sow?"

"NO! I have lots of seeds."

Her response?

"Just like all men."

(Yes, Mom knows I'm posting this. Thanks to my sister's twitter habits, Mom's random and slightly inappropriate comments often appear on the internet.)

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Drew and Kim Cox said...

LOL!! Gotta love Grandmas :)