Saturday, 31 March 2012

This Week...

Attempting to process this last week of life has been difficult, hence the lack of updates.

Mom's high point this week was Wednesday, and the last few days have been unkind to her. She's had an excruciating pain episode (the cancer is up against a major nerve center), some complications from her pain medications, and a nasty bought with nausea.

She starts chemo next Friday, and we are really hoping and praying that she is one of the 25% of people for whom chemo provides relief (also known as "clinical benefit"). She needs some respite right now. The pain and nausea have been taxing.

Next week holds a bunch of final tests and appointments necessary for her to begin chemo. We are so looking forward to completing those and hopefully getting on a more regular schedule.

Please continue to pray that Mom will find the right balance of pain medications, that the chemo would effectively provide her with relief and shrink her tumor, and that she will get good rest and be able to eat. Most of all, pray for her spirit. The pain has been grinding at her for days, and it is hard to keep your head up and fight when you always feel awful.

The boys have settled in and while they are a little confused that Jjaja is not as energetic as she used to be, they have been quite happy with the amount of TV watching they get to do with her now. Tommy has seen two whole movies this week - a major coup in Tommy world. They are (as usual) pleased as punch to have a backyard to play outside in whenever they want, and thanks to the hard work of a certain Mr. Hamilton fixing our fence, they will soon be able to do so while requiring less adult attention. Then I will have no excuse not to tackle the mounting pile of dishes and laundry - yeehaw. The boys have also been so happy to spend time with their Papa. He is teaching them how to hit the t-ball with skill. I usually just slap the ball on the tee and let them bash away at it, so this will definitely improve their game.

I'm slightly less tired than I was a few days ago. The boys have been sleeping fairly well, and this has helped tremendously. I am really trying hard to remember to eat regularly and take my iron pills. I noticed today that I no longer have a belly button. I can't wait to show the boys (they are currently napping) because they have been anticipating the end of my belly button for weeks now. Tomorrow I hit 35 weeks, so I knew it had to be coming soon. Please pray for my energy levels to stay high as I care for the kids and mom.


Sweet Apron said...

We continue to hold you all up in prayer.
Charlie says "Hi!" to Tommy!

Vickie said...

I am praying Amy. I have also got Mary on our prayer chain at church. Please take care of yourself and your new little one too. Love Vickie Ghent