Tuesday, 13 March 2012

32 Weeks!

I had my 32 week appointment today. I change weeks on Sunday but I've always scheduled my appointments for Tuesdays because I know I will have a car then. I brought the boys along, as is my new routine, and they were on their best behavior. Strapping them into a stroller helps a lot on that count. Being complimented incessantly by all the nurses also seems to inspire them.

My measurement is right on target, my blood pressure is perfect (a miracle in itself considering the events of the past week), and my doctor fully supports me flying home to see my mom this month, so I am heading home for Palm Sunday and Easter along with the (little) boys. I am so glad to have the "all clear" on the trip. I will go and see the doctor again the day I leave to make sure that everything looks good before we board the plane. It is so nice not to be high-risk anymore!

After the appointment we had a little time left to play outside. We are enjoying beautiful, summer-like weather right now (very odd for this time of year), so we needed to take advantage of the sunshine.

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