Thursday, 22 March 2012

Update on Mary: A Bit of Progress

Mom made it to both appointments today!

Unfortunately, it turns out that the biopsy she had done last week needs to be redone, and until this happens chemo/radiation can't begin. However, their main doctor is working on mapping out a plan for her (based on what he believes the results of the biopsy will be), as well as giving her better suggestions for pain and discomfort management. We are hoping that the new medication schedule he has one will decrease her current pain levels.

Here are the things that need prayer:

Scheduling of a new biopsy, as quickly as possible

Application and acceptance to a promising trial for pancreatic cancer at UCLA, pending biopsy results (obviously treatment occurring at UCLA would be far superior to any other option. GO BRUINS!)

For the tumor to stop growing, and to shrink with the onset of chemo

Wisdom for her doctor as he continues to weigh her options and map out her path for treatment

Relief from severe pain and discomfort

Proper nourishment and weight gain

Tommy, Nic, and I are scheduled to visit starting Monday, if my next OB appointment goes smoothly and everything looks good with my pregnancy. Please pray that we will all remain healthy and that we can get on that plane Monday night.

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers!


Heather said...

Been praying and waiting for this update all day. Thanks for posting quickly.

Vickie said...

Thanks Amy for posting this so quickly. Been praying for you all and know how hard it is for you being so far away. Our Bible study group tonight had a special time of prayer for Mary and for all of you.