Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Update on Mary: New Prayer Requests

Mom has been feeling very bad the last few days. She has been unable to keep any food down, and without food in her stomach she can't take her pain medication. Please pray that she would be able to find some foods she can tolerate, and that she would be able to hold something down so she can take the medicine and maintain her weight (gaining would be even better).

She meets with two different oncologists on Thursday. The appointments are scheduled very close together, and she really needs to make them both, so please pray that she gets in and out of the first appointment in a timely manner and that the traffic is clear so that she can easily make her second appointment. We are hoping that these appointments will provide clarity about her situation and a course of treatment.

She and Dad want to reiterate their thanks for all of your prayers, cards, notes, dinners, work around the house, and support. They are thankful to have so many friends, both near and far, holding them up in prayer and loving them through this. Praise God that you are a blessing in their lives.

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Joline said...

Messaged you on FB! I'm gone the next 5 days, but let me know if what I suggested would be ok.