Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Update on Mary (some good news)

The results from yesterday's PET scan came back...and the cancer has NOT spread. It is large and on the pancreas, but it is only on the pancreas. Whatever the spots are on her lungs...they are not cancer. We are rejoicing.

Tomorrow mom has another test scheduled to examine the tumor more carefully and confirm her cancer type, and next week they meet with the oncologist to discern what her treatment options might be (radiation, chemo, etc). Thank you for your continued prayers.

We are so grateful for everyone who is praying for Mom and us, and reaching out to assist our whole family during this time. We are so thankful that God has placed each of you in our lives.


Haley said...

So glad to hear it is not in her lungs. Praying the good news is a trend.

Laura Gifford said...

What wonderful news! Praying...