Monday, 12 March 2012

A Sunday Afternoon At The Park, Or Nic Naps Outside

We had some great weather on Sunday so after lunch we packed up the stroller and took a walk to the park. I must have given the boys a bit too smooth of a ride because Nic was out by the time we got there. So Amy had a nice time reading in the warmth of the sun, and Tommy and I got to spend a good two hours having fun just the two of us. Here are some photos, bookended by shots of Nic asleep in the stroller:

By the time we got back home, Nic woke up and was ready to play (alright, let's do this - wait, what did I miss?).

Tommy lasted about 15 minutes before he crashed - upright on the couch while looking at pictures from the park.

Oh, how I love my boys.

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mary said...

I Love it. Keep the photos coming. They bring great joy to this Jajja.