Friday, 16 March 2012

Summer in March, or done in by the zoo

Because the weather is so beautiful, and because I needed a distraction, I decided to take the boys to the zoo yesterday. It's been maybe a month since we did a zoo trip, and, wow, has going to the zoo gotten a lot harder now that my belly is so big. It didn't help that it was at least eighty degrees, I was pushing both kids in a stroller, and I was wearing jeans...because when you plan to give birth in the very beginning of May and you live in Chicago you really shouldn't need maternity shorts.

I got more than one sympathetic comment. It's funny, because I am used to people saying weird things to us regarding adoption, our family, the boy's appearance, etc, but I was caught off-guard by someone mentioning my pregnancy. I have received very few random comments about it (and NO strangers belly patting me, thank goodness), so it struck me as funny when I got multiple comments on the same day...all of which were nice and along the lines of how sweet it was for me to brave the zoo with the kids.

I did not realize how self-sacrificial I was until I woke up this morning and was almost unable to move. I was so tired. My legs hurt so badly. Even my compression stockings (which I wear faithfully) did not spare me from the aching pain in my calves. I feel OLD. And large. I knew that the day would come when I could hardly hoist myself from a chair, but I was really hoping that it would arrive around week 38. I can do "beached whale" for a few weeks, but two more months of this? I realize that pregnancy is a glorious miracle and such, but it feels a lot less glorious now than it did two months ago.

Whatever the aftermath, we had a great time at the zoo. I finally took the kids to the Dolphin show. It was a hit with Tommy, and Nic fell asleep. The boys had a blast hanging on the fences and watching the Kangaroos, and visited most of their favorite animals. Of course, we couldn't leave before they had painted their faces and doctored a stuffed animal in the vet clinic. Check out these cute fellows:

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